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Maaveerar Naal 1990
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, November 27, 1990. My dear and respected people from Tamil Eelam Karthika 27th celebrates the second anniversary of our freedom fighters who embraced heroic death in the Tamil Eelam National Independence War. This is our national day. Our heroic story of freedom is written in these heroes' blood. Their deaths are not meaningless deaths. The death of these soldiers has been the driving force behind our history, the lifeblood of our struggle and the inspiration for the determination of our warriors. These heroes were immortalized by time: the sculptors of freedom: the heroes who sowed the seeds of a great liberation revolt in our earth. These great martyrs, who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom and protection of our race, must from time to time be anointed in the temple of our hearts. A freedom fighter is not an ordinary human being living a normal life. He is an idealist. One who lives for a high ideal, one who lives for others without living for himself. One who lives for the liberation and liberation of others. His life of selflessness and selflessness is noble, meaningful, and he dares to dedicate his life to the lofty ideal of freedom. That is why freedom fighters are rare people. Abnormal births. The death of a freedom fighter is not an ordinary death. This death, a historic event. A wonderful event where a noble ambition comes to life. In fact, a liberator never dies. The ideal fire that had run through his life would never go out. The ideal brand engulfs others as a historical force. Beats out the national soul in a race. Today, the Tamil War of Independence has gained international fame as the leading liberation struggle on the Asian continent. Our revolutionary armed struggle is a model and guide for the oppressed races and oppressed people of the Third World. The great achievements of our heroes who fought alone against Sinhala armed forces and the largest Indian forces in the world have an important place in world history today. The difficulties and sufferings of our freedom fighters in these long, difficult and dangerous wars cannot be described in writing. Our soldiers fought with iron-like ideal determination, with a heart that endured everything, and with fearless heroism. Embraced martyrdom on the battlefield. My heart exploded every time I fell on the comrades I loved for life, commanders who fought shoulder to shoulder with me, warriors I had grown up with for many years. However, I do not get tired. These losses have further fertilized my ideal commitment. I respect these knights. I bow to them and greet them. My heart is proud when I count their sacrifice, heroism and passion for liberation. I also admire the parents who gave birth to miners in this land. Your children loved the freedom of their motherland more than their own lives. You must be proud to be a parent who gave these nobles a sacred purpose. Your children are not dead, they have become history. Our motherland must be liberated. The slave animals that have bound us must be broken. Our people must live in freedom, dignity and security. We must fight to achieve this goal. Blood must be shed. We have sown an ideal seed. For that, we care for the blood of our soldiers. This seed will grow and become a hero and make the dream of our heroes a reality. "The tigers of thirst are the homeland of Tamil Eelam" Prabhakaran Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Maaveerar Naal 1990

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