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Maaveerar Naal 1991
General Secretariat, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, தமிழீழம். November 27, 1991. My dear and respected people of Tamil Eelam great day of our nation. Today we commemorate in our heart temples the martyrs who dedicated their lives for our soil and our people. To live for a sacred ideal, to fight for that ideal, to achieve that ideal; These heroes who sacrificed their lives are immense. The history of our struggle progresses as a whole manifestation of the wonderful ideal lives of these heroes, their sacrifices, the tragedies they experienced, the longings they had, the dreams they had. Our heroic history of freedom was written with the blood, sweat and tears of these heroes. Our liberation movement is continuing a historic journey full of very difficult crises. In this historical flow we have faced challenges, trials and unexpected twists that no other liberation movement in the world has faced. Various hostile and treacherous forces worked together against our struggle. With our historical enemy the mighty powers also teamed up against us. As swords, vandals, betrayals, deception; Our movement as films faced many crises; We faced the wave of enemy invasions on the one hand and foreign military occupation on the other. In the field phases our movement was pushed to the brink of destruction. It took an iron-like determination to stand up to all these misfortunes that arose as a storm. This test is for a very critical history; I will never forget the heroes who stood by me on the stages, determined to be human mountains. It is the unwavering determination of these idealists that stands as the pillars of our freedom movement. If our struggle has been able to overcome many challenges and succeed in its liberation journey, I will state unequivocally that the fundamental reason for that is our ideal commitment. This is a fact that I have found and felt in a long historical experience. A liberation struggle faces many hurricanes. Faces many crises. Facing many turbulent situations. The liberation struggle is a bloody battlefield. Only by gifting death, destruction, and suffering can we find the paradise of freedom. It is our determination to be the only crutch for us in this ideal journey full of rough roads. Today we are facing a historic turning point in a new crisis. Opposition forces are besieging the Jaffna Bay. The enemy seeks to tighten sanctions and create food shortages. A war is being waged on our people on two fronts in the form of military pressure and economic pressure. We are not unaware that the enemy can resort to all sorts of tactics to break the morale of our people who stand as the unshakable bulwark of our struggle. Our people have been thrown into the fiery workshop of Sinhala racist repression. Those who have experienced the horrors of state terrorism. Those who are accustomed to carrying the cross of suffering forever. Those who lie dormant in the shadow of death. Food war can be launched on our people as the ultimate weapon of the weary. The enemy may try to ignite the morale of the people with the Putin fire. But word hunger is not going to touch the people who are committed to the hunger for freedom. My dear people! To any challenge of the enemy in this crisis situation we face today; We must be willing to give face. The enemy challenges our morale. We do not need weapons other than morale to meet this challenge. The Sinhala state is raising the war flag on the one hand and signaling peace on the other. We are ready for peace and ready for war. Are we opening the way to peace? Or going on the path of war? It is up to the enemy to decide. We have opened the doors of peace. We are ready to hold conciliatory talks in a peaceful manner. We are always ready to participate in talks without any pressure, without any domination, on the basis of equality, on the basis of justice and unconditionally. Negotiations will provide an opportunity to take our policy, our position and the fundamentals of our national struggle to the Sinhala state and the world. We are not racists. Nor are the war-mad violent. We do not consider the Sinhalese people as enemies or foes. We recognize the Sinhala nation. We do not want to interfere in the national life of the Sinhalese people and their freedom in any way. We want to live in peace, freedom and dignity with the status of a national race in our historical homeland. The simple political aspiration of our people is to let us live in peace. Only when the Sinhala government recognizes the demands of our just, civilized and civilized people can a lasting peace and solution be achieved. The Sinhala state does not yet seem to know that the national problem of the Tamil people cannot be solved by an attitude of military repression. The hegemony of seizing military supremacy and occupying the Tamil homeland does not yet seem to have receded from the Sinhala ruling class. The LTTE has never given in to military domination and pressure. We have never been flexible in the policy of having. This commitment of our movement has been tested and failed by the world’s largest military. The Sinhala army will also face this historic mistake. My dear people of Tamil Nadu! Fatigue can overwhelm us in the long journey of liberation, the heavy burdens of a life of struggle can hold us back, and burdens can be imposed on us. But no power can shake or destroy us if we stand together as a people firmly committed to one truth. Confidence is a powerful weapon for people who stand for heroic freedom. The anthem of freedom that sounds from the graves of our heroes today also sings of the nobility of determination. “Thirst of the Tigers is the homeland of Tamil Eelam” Prabhakaran Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Maaveerar Naal 1991

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